Top 10 Real Photos of New Carlisle According to Google

Since being founded in 1810, there have been as many as 100 pictures taken of New Carlisle, Ohio. Here are the top 10, according to world-renowned search engine Google.

Note: Images of maps or drawings do not count. These are the first 10 pictures that appear when typing “New Carlisle, Ohio” into GIS.

1. Main St. on a Cloudy Day

main st cloudy

This is an extraordinarily handsome view or S. Main St. One of the oldest structures in town, this strip features the legendary Headquarters Waterbed Store and more.

2. Abandoned Honey Creek Bridge

Honey Creek Bridge

New Carlisle boasts many scenic locations, and this abandoned bridge is no different. No one knows what purpose this bridge originally served, but it now functions as a gorgeous backdrop for heavy metal band photos, independent horror movie sets, or urban decay photo albums.

3. Route 571 and the Grain Elevator

grain elevator

The grain elevator towers above town, a monument to the rich farming history of the area. This photo perfectly captures the beauty of Gastineau Field, home of the New Carlisle Knights baseball team, and Jenkins Automotive.

4. The New Tecumseh High School


Via Wikipedia

While most would agree the new school is a steaming garbage pile of an eyesore compared to the old high school, it is nonetheless the 4th photo that appears when searching Google. Not too many things make vomit spray through my fingers as I struggle to hold it in, but this photo does.

5. 2006 Classic Car Cruise-In on Main St.

cruise in 2006 Tom Midlan

Photo by Tom Midlam via

This is a breath of fresh air after that last nonsense. Classic cars, community involvement, Headquarters Music, and a beautiful, sunny, New Carlisle day. I’ve never seen heaven, but I have to believe this is about as close as I’ll get until my day comes.

6. Abandoned Honey Creek Bridge, Part Two

honey creek bridge 2

If one picture of a rusty, abandoned bridge is good, then two is twice as nice. In this alternate angle you can see the bridge supports and the beautiful coating of snow, a hallmark of New Carlisle from October through April each year.

7. Storm Damage at Trostel’s Furniture Store


Minor tornado damage was just foreshadowing, as legendary furniture store Trostel’s is no longer standing. Any time you can level a local treasure to make room for another drug store, you just have to do it. This is at the intersection of Rt. 571 and Rt. 235, also known as the second best intersection in New Carlisle.

8. Grainy Cemetery Picture

NewCarlisle cemetery

New Carlisle Cemetery is fairly interesting, as far as cemeteries go. It has many  old-timey grave markers, some of which are so worn you can barely make out any inscription at all. There are 4 pictures located on the site this was pulled from (see photo caption), and this is easily the worst of the 4. It only makes sense that it would be the most popular according to Google.

9. Dragster and Main St. – 2006 Cruise-In

cruise 2

Photo by Tom Midlam via

Another breathtaking shot from the cruise-in, this time showing the “strip” in town. I would love to see New Carlisle organize drag races down Main in the summers. Talk about an event that would draw business into town!

10. New Carlisle School on Madison

madison school

While the city’s purchase of the Madison school might go down as one of the worst decisions in the history of incorporated municipalities, there’s no denying this building is a crucial part of New Carlisle history. Many of our best and brightest attended school here, learning values that have helped New Carlisle remain the shining beacon of virtue and integrity that it is today. Hopefully they can find a buyer or some use for this building, rather than letting it rot further into a dilapidated suckhole.

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  1. The rusted bridge was part of the rail line. There use to rail road tracks run through there across Main st at the edge of town.

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