Great Moments in New Carlisle History: The Great Heroin Bust of 2014

This is the next installment of an ongoing feature at M&L called Great Moments in New Carlisle History. The series will focus on some of the amazing, noteworthy, infamous, and heartwarming moments that have occurred in our town. 

Drugs, and heroin in particular, have become the scourge of middle America. Sadly, New Carlisle is not exempt from this plague. Last July, however, a refreshing ray of sunshine blasted through the dark, stormy, disgusting cesspool known as the New Carlisle drug trade.

Video via Springfield News Sun:

On July 9, 2014, officers arrested three men — described as mid-level dealers — on drug trafficking charges and confiscated approximately $6000 in cash and 34 heroin capsules valued at just under $5 each. The bust was the result of a 30-day task force sting that featured undercover officers working on a tip from a New Carlisle resident who was concerned about the drug trade in the neighborhood.

The massive takedown put local dealers on notice, as it proved that the police are so determined to rid the streets of this destructive drug that they will spend hundreds and hundreds of man hours to effectively take $2000 and about $160 worth of product off the streets. Critics of law enforcement practices often accuse police of trying to generate revenues by writing citations for minor violations and non-violent offenses, but in this case that is simply not true, as a conservative estimate of the cost of the investigation is more than 10 times the value of money and heroin confiscated. If policing were a business, cases like this would cause them to board up the shop immediately.

Photo by BRIAN BONDUS via

Photo by BRIAN BONDUS via

The War on Drugs is still in its infancy, but with hardcore policing like last year’s Fenwick heroin bust, we can imagine its glorious end and the restoration of purity to our city. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kilogram or a milligram of this dirty old dope, New Carlisle cannot and will not stand for the pollution of our town.

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