New Carlisle Residents React to New Smith Park Sign Paint Job

For several months the Smith Park sign has needed a new paint job. According to most New Carlisle citizens, the new paint job wasn’t what they had in mind.


The Smith Park sign. Notice the distressed maroon and gold paint.

A beautiful monument by any standard, the sign was a beautiful combination of maroon and gold when initially donated by the Smith family to honor John Quincy Adams Smith and Maggie Johnson Smith, both influential folks in New Carlisle history.

I don’t think they had what you see above in mind when they made this tribute, however. City council members have discussed painting the sign for months, and on Sunday the sign was discovered painted entirely white as you see below.

image1 (2)

The new paint job on the Smith Park sign.

Main and Lake immediately began receiving notifications from residents about the paint job. We reached out to a few to get their thoughts on the all white paint job. Here are the reactions from New Carlisle residents on the Smith Park sign paint job.

Rhonda Manning:

“I’m guessing they’re doing it in white as a celebration of winter or Christmas or something. I can’t imagine any other reason to paint it plain white.

William Tuttle:

“Looks like birds sh*t all over it. It’s awful.”

Craig Stimmel:

“I saw where there were Illuminati people painting on the bike trail so I bet this is just more vandalism.”

Barb Pickering:

“The gold was so pretty. This white paint won’t last 6 weeks before it’s filthy.”

Lisa Miller:

“It makes me think of bird poop. I wonder if that’s what it is.”

George Black:

“If the old one looked that bad imagine what this one will look like once the criminal idiots spray paint it and the ratcats get after it. It’s gonna be real nasty.”

Paul Childers:

“I hope it glows in the dark. That would be pretty amazing, I guess. Glow in the dark signs are totally boss.”

Peggy Johnson:

“It looks like a bar of soap.”

Tammy Clark:

“Just another example of Obama ruining this country. Can’t wait for Trump to make this country great again.”

Harold Warner:

“It makes me think of vanilla ice cream. And bird sh*t. Actually just bird sh*t. It looks like a whole flock of birds sh*t all over that sign.”


What do you think of the new paint job? Let us know down in the comments!

4 thoughts on “New Carlisle Residents React to New Smith Park Sign Paint Job

  1. Whats wrong with you people? The old color was dated and the sign needed painted… Did anyone ask if they were done? Is it possible that its just primer? One of you blamed it on Obama… Blame it on mother nature because she caused the rain and the sun to make the paint fade and peel. Anyone of you could have volunteered to paint the sign and painted it the same old color.

  2. I sure hope this isn’t all they will do with it. I have high hopes that it’s not complete. Everyone jumping the gun on this stuff. And Obama has nothing to do with this??

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