New Carlisle Pets Targeted for Use as ‘Bait Dogs’

New Carlisle has its share of stray and lost pets, but the latest trend to hit the city is much more sinister. Dognappers have begun targeting New Carlisle homes in search of “bait dogs,” which can fetch top dollar through illegal channels.

Much discussion has been brewing on social media concerning a new scheme that has residents worried and criminals getting rich. Apparently, dog thieves are casing neighborhoods and marking houses with black ribbons, stickers, or bags as locations that have acceptable dogs to be used for bait.

Be on the lookout for black bags, ribbons, and stickers on your property.

Be on the lookout for black bags, ribbons, and stickers on your property.

Nancy Friedrich of the popular Facebook page “Huskies ROOL, Saint Bernards DROOL” told M&L that huskies in particular are targets due to their lean, muscular bodies.

“The more pure the dog, the more it is sought after. Purebred huskies have been stolen at an alarming rate in the last 12-18 months,” Friedrich said.

A “bait dog” is a living dog that is cast into the ocean or other large bodies of water in hopes of snagging big aquatic wildlife. Sharks, whales, dolphins, and massive squids have all been caught by fishermen using dogs as lure. These exotic marine animals can fetch huge sums once slaughtered and sold for parts.

An Atlantic Ocean fishing team using a bait dog.

An Atlantic Ocean fishing team using a bait dog.

All dog breeds are in danger of being stolen by these worthless thieves, but huskies in particular have been targeted as of late because of the huge rewards they are yielding in the ocean.

“I love all dogs, not just huskies. It breaks my heart to see so many innocent pups being killed just so some fisherman can sell sharkskin boots and whale blubber. But we are trying to raise awareness about huskies, specifically, because if this keeps up at the current rate huskies will be extinct by 2020,” Friedrich said.

Statistics are tough to come by as this is a relatively new type of crime, but Friedrich estimates 5,000 to 10,000 huskies are being kidnapped daily across the United States. “And that doesn’t even touch on other breeds being stolen,” she said.

So what can you do? The first step is to make sure your pet is secure and cared for. Don’t give thieves an opportunity to pilfer your pooch.

Next, be sure to report any ribbons, black or otherwise, that you find on your property. If you see someone who looks suspicious, post about it on Facebook. The police are already stretched thin, so be sure to alert your fellow citizens to ensure a faster response. Sometimes you have to do a job yourself to make sure it gets done right.

Lastly, protect yourself. Make sure you own a weapon and you know how to use it. Also make sure you know your rights when it comes to protecting your property and your family. Yes, I’m including your pets as family. You know the saying: I would rather be tried by 12 than have my dog stolen and used as bait to catch sharks and whales.

Have you seen suspicious behavior around your property or any of these tell-tale markings? Let us know so we can spread the word.



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  2. Harvesting dogs or cats in the US for export as bait is a fallacy. Although some fishing has been done with cats and small dogs in a remote part of the Indian ocean it is not widespread. The report is almost 12 years ago and the areas in question have ceased the use due to public pressure- bait animals have NO cash value. Of course the real problem is still dogfighting where family dogs are used as “practice” for dogfights.

  3. The dog is literally photoshopped to look like it was being thrown into the water is what makes this article

  4. We needs to get people to stop with the upity ‘pure breeding” dogs… They are a big part of the prob! You can call my Barkly a ‘mutt” all you’s want but at least there ain’t nobody tryings to bait dog him!!!

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