Citizens React: New Carlisle Swingers Club Discovery

Yesterday, Main & Lake published a story about the discovery of a swinging sex club in the New Carlisle area. Almost immediately, reactions began pouring in via email, Facebook, and the comment section of the article. Here is a collection of reactions from local citizens.

The response was overwhelming and varied widely, with some people supporting the club, some being fine with it as long as it didn’t bother anyone, and some being totally disgusted. Here’s a collection of quotes we received as feedback.

Editor’s note: (All quotes are original, but some have been edited for relevance and for space constraints. Typos and errors have not been corrected.)


Bryan Sadler, New Carlisle:

Can I get their phone number?

Tony Wells, Park Layne:

So now we’re worried about whose drilling Miss Daisy in the privacy of their own home. Get a life!!!!

Sid Killings, Medway:

At first I was kinda against it cause I got kids and all, but when I seen how the community rised up to defend them folks my heart kinda melted for them.

Pamela Greene, Park Layne:

Lord knows the last thing we need is another sex club.

Adam Dresel, Centerville:

There’s a lot of land for their camp parties. If you want to know what some people look like just look at their Facebook page and the people who like their posts. You won’t want to join.

Alex Hendry, New Carlisle:

Not surprising. Kinda gross but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Bev Clemons, New Carlisle:

I bet that’s where my a–hole ex-husband was going to cheat on me.

Paul Frisch, New Carlisle:

You can tell Joe Bolo has never had sex with a woman, because he’s way too worried about what’s going on with other people’s sex lives.

Kelly Yount, Park Layne:

This is a shame and disgusting. You just never know who your neighbors REALLY are.


James Dalton, location unknown:

In my opinion, I think that the nosey and most likley hypocritical people should mind their own damm bissiness because they weren’t invited to the party’s inthe first place. Secondly there’s nothing wrong with consenting adults having sex with other consenting adults in any setting they may choose mind you. And 3rd I dont approve of anyone pushing there bullshit morels and principles on anyone else just because you think you are better than someone else! So mind your own damm bissiness and keep your ouwn damm opinion to yourself. 

Carol Neubauer, New Carlisle:

What happened to my little town?

Bill Conley, Park Layne:

So a bunch of freaks are getting together and doing the old in and out with a wiener. Big freakin deal. You people act like no one has ever done anything like this. A little bedroom rodeo never hurt anybody.

myown god damddn business, location unknown:

these are good people you no nothing about having been to an event here I can honestly say that all the sex was consentual and for those thinking the guys get rough with the ladies NO OTHER WAY AROUND DONnt stand on a pedestle cause there has been more than several high society members at our events and some YOU vote for

Abby Ann, Enon:

That is flat out gross

Todd Borchers, New Carlisle:

What’s funny is what these people call an event is what I call Thursday for me… except I’m not sharing women with other dudes! lol. Bet you a Benjamin if I walked in one of those parties every guy there would run for the door once they saw me in action. If you doubt me then just ask your mom and sister lol

3 thoughts on “Citizens React: New Carlisle Swingers Club Discovery

  1. How do these clubs work? If I were to take my gal there would it be cool if we just do some 3-way stuff (2 girls mind you) or would I have to let some other bloke have a run at her in trade? I’m not 100% cool with her doing stuff with anybody that isn’t female and even a butchy woman isn’t what I’m looking for. I’m sure she’d be down with it but I don’t need her trading up on me.

  2. So let me get this right NC is full of illegal immigrants and heroin. The council is still a bunch of clueless crooks. No 24 hour police presence. And you are writing articles about people who pay their taxes and mind their own buisness? Why would you even bring attention to this? Why not write articles about how the city council along with studbakers and scarffs ruined New Carlisle and turned it into the shit hole that it is today? Why not right articles calling out the drug houses on Drake and Rawson? Swingers have been EVERYWHERE for as long as there have been people you sir need to get a life and use this website for the greater good of NC and maybe help bring it back to its glory days and not call out of the few actual tax payers left in New Carlisle.

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