VIDEO: Swinger Sex Club Discovered in New Carlisle Area

Main & Lake has discovered a swingers’ sex club in the New Carlisle area. Located on Gerlaugh Road, the club has advertised events on YouTube under the channel name “Ohio Swings.”


New Carlisle is a quiet little town, filled with nice people and good, small town values. We now have more churches than pizza places and Speedways combined. I’m sure it will surprise many of you that something like this – giant parties full of folks doing the horizontal hula – could be occurring right under our noses.

A YouTube search for “New Carlisle, Ohio” turns up hundreds of videos, most of them real estate listings or cars for sale. But if you filter the search to include the most recent uploads, a couple of videos from Ohio Swings show up.

The video’s description reads:

St. Patty’s Party!!! Cum One Cum All~ EPP PARTY PLACE
Party Starts: Saturday, March 12th 2016 at 8:00pm
Event Description: Celebrate the evening wearing something sexy and green…….Drink some green cocktails and enjoy the luck of the Irish with friends and dance and listen to music.
12225 Gerlaugh Rd, New Carlisle, Ohio 45344

Each video and the channel itself include this message:

We offer a social area with plenty of tables and chairs, a clean atmosphere. Come enjoy our comfy chairs and couches while watching XXX movies on our 55” TV, large dance floor, dart board, even play a game of pool, finger food and snacks, we provide the soda you provide the BOOZE (BYOB) and a music system with our DJ taking your song requests.

As M&L investigated further, we found that a website also exists. Under the “About” section of, it says:

The Erotic Party Place is a private, invitation only party place that caters to couples and singles 21 and over who want to explore their sexual limits. In most ways, we are like most other private, lifestyle (or swinger) clubs. These are private house parties, which we offer all the same amenities that most swingers clubs offer.

The site also features a list of events that are described as “private” and “invitation only.” Some of the past events were called:

  • Blow It Suck It Stack It Yank It Blow Harder
  • S & M Fetish Night
  • Sexy Nighty Night
  • Fire and Ice
  • Toga Party
  • Santa’S HOe HOe’S and Elves
  • Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy

The FAQ section of the site includes tons of information about the club. They explain that there is no entry fee, but donations are encouraged and accepted. They also state that sexual activities are allowed (with consent) and that that’s what the club is all about. Alcohol is not served; they recommend BYOB (bring your own bottle).

(Click to enlarge photo)

Ohio Swings FAQs

So what does this mean for New Carlisle? There’s nothing illegal about clubs like this. But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right and it sure doesn’t mean we want it in our backyard. Apparently it’s legal to kill a beloved gorilla in the zoo, doesn’t mean it should be done. Abortions are legal, too, but that doesn’t mean people should be throwing costumed and themed abortion parties.

In this writer’s opinion, it is concerning that a simple search for “New Carlisle, Ohio” can turn up a video that seems to invite any and all comers to a raucous night of shaking the sheets. What if a kid, just trying to find a video for a school project or learn a little town history, stumbled on this video and rode their bike over to the address listed? How am I supposed to explain that to my child? It doesn’t say anything about children not being allowed or being private. It literally says “Come Visit us!” and “Be there!”

I like to think my town is a good place with morals, not a den of sin where people gather and engage in decadent sessions of dipping the wick.

If the event history on the site is accurate, this club has operated for over a year so far. Sure, it’s been quiet up until now. But I, for one, am not willing to ignore it until it takes over New Carlisle.

What do you think? Should sex clubs be allowed to operate in or around New Carlisle? Sound off in the comments to let your opinion be known.

Click here to read Citizens React: New Carlisle Swingers Club Discovery. It’s a collection of messages and comments from local citizens telling us what they think of the club!

19 thoughts on “VIDEO: Swinger Sex Club Discovered in New Carlisle Area

  1. If people want to get all horny and do it with other hornballs I say we tax the hell outta them. I gotta pay taxs out the yingyang for my cigs and that ain’t giving no other mans old lady the herpes! Make it a $ex shop and it can pay for all us non hornballs stuff we need like roads and street fences

  2. these are good people you no nothing about having been to an event here I can honestly say that all the sex was consentual and for those thinking the guys get rough with the ladies NO OTHER WAY AROUND DONnt stand on a pedestle cause there has been more than several high society members at our events and some YOU vote for

  3. Joe, so evidently you have a problem with consensual sex, oh my such a nasty thing. But a 18 year old male that identities as a 12 year old girl is currently allowed to occupy the same “shower” as a 8 year old female rises NO Alarms!?!? What the crap has happened to America!!!! You need to readjust your priorities.

    Seems like they are minding their own business. Maybe you should do the same.

    • what about a little thing called the bible people! I garuntee they are probly doing butt stuff in there and jesus said no butt stuff in the BIBLE! Trying reading it some time people

        • Jesus said judge not jest you be judged and I ain’t a scared of being judged!!! Only time I was even before a judge it was for a miss do meaner and guess what he done threw the case right out!!!

        • Now this more on is trying to turn the bible into some sorts of porno mag! Jesus wasn’t doing no butt stuff in the bible people!!!! This IDIOT! must be reading a bible he got from the hustler store

  4. In my opinion, I think that the nosey and most likley hypocritical people should mind their own damm bissiness because they weren’t invited to the party’s inthe first place. Secondly there’s nothing wrong with consenting adults having sex with other consenting adults in any setting they may choose mind you. And 3rd I dont approve of anyone pushing there bullshit morels and principles on anyone else just because you think you are better than someone else! So mind your own damm bissiness and keep your ouwn damm opinion to yourself. Thank you very much!

    • Any dang setting he says! Next thing you know all you perves will be cool with hornballs getting downright freaky in the christmas manger right in front of freakin virgin mary!!!!

      • Okay I do believe someone is butt hurt, they were not invited. Now Ricky I have not been to this establishment as of yet, but I do plan to visit soon. I am sure if you were to walk up to the door pay your donation they would surely let you join in on all the fun you know you are missing out on. Leave the people alone I bet you don’t hear them complaining about you preaching the bible

  5. I don’t understand it. And it may not be morally, ethically, or biblically right, but who are we to judge. These are consenting adults, hosting private events by invitation only. They surely vet anyone who is new to their group and are being responsible about their actions. Waving a flag and bringing undue attention to them solves nothing. All you have done is get the conservatives riled up and caused an issue that never existed in the first place. I promise you sex clubs are not going to take over our town, we won’t be subjected to s&m on the corner, or bondage crosses in the grocery store. And to be completely honest our city has REAL issues that deserve this kind of attention much much more.

    • I agree! This town is full of too many uptight geeks. It sounds like a trip to a sex club would do some of you some good… maybe finally blowing a load will loosen some of holier-than-tho tight cheeks up!

  6. I didn’t realize there was one so close to home. I currently drive down to SinDay down in Middletown and all I can say to the prudes on here is “don’t knock it tell you try it”. Some of you might like the same chicken every night by like trying a few different spices every now and then… if you know what I mean.
    The theme nights and dress up parties sound pretty rad to me. Who here hasn’t fantasized about getting with a hot chick in a genie costume? You don’t like it? Stay at home.

  7. I leave town for a few weeks and come home to read this? What the god damn has happened to this town? Maybe all the liberals down in Enon would think this would be honky dory in their town but that isn’t the kind of sleeze I want in my city.

    • Absolutely correct! I don’t give a a shit what people do but when you got an email and the damn club takes over your phone, and your accused of going there from Google maps then there’s a problem, keep your fucking business to yourself…really to each there own..don’t exploit your nonsense into my life..

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