New Carlisle Citizens React to: Paul

For months, the citizens of New Carlisle have been engaged in a debate over what should be done with a mentally ill, homeless man named Paul. Besides the great argument over whether addiction is a disease, no subject has rocked our little town of New Carlisle like this in years. Here, we’ve collected what YOU are saying about Paul.


Various reports about a homeless man acting inappropriately towards passersby have rolled in for awhile on the popular Facebook page “You Know You’re From New Carlisle If…” It didn’t take long for the man to be identified as Paul (last name redacted), a local who still has family in the area.

From there it’s difficult to parse what is factual and what is urban legend or outright falsehood. Many say Paul is a violent drug and alcohol addict who needs to be locked up. Others say he’s a kind man suffering from a debilitating mental health problem who would never hurt a fly. Still others suggest he is a violent drug and alcohol addict who would never hurt a fly, except if that fly were ignoring him, poking fun at him, or was a man. In any of those cases, according to that third group, Paul may become unhinged and attack.

Many have said Paul is on his best behavior at the New Carlisle pool. A Gofundme account was opened to purchase a pool pass and a season’s worth of concessions for the man. The money was raised quickly, but Paul has reportedly been kicked out of the pool multiple times since for acting out. First hand accounts have placed him at many different locations around town and Park Layne since, including one incident where he was apparently wearing a diaper and harassing shoppers near Dollar General.

Here’s a collection of the town’s thoughts via social media, our inbox, and face to face conversations.

Editor’s note: the following are direct quotes and some contain very vulgar language. All spelling a grammar errors are intact from the original comments. Parental discretion is advised.

What do YOU have to say about Paul?

Ryan Brodbeck:


Greg Shoup:

I think Paul isn’t mentally ill at all. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing and just enjoys getting the town’s panties in a bunch.

Jeremiah Bundy:

He needs off the street’s people can’t even take there kids to the pool or even walk down the street because of his crazy ass he has to go before he gets hurt he is fucking with the wrong people the Mexicans will kill his ass

Samantha June Lewis:

That’s my friend he’s a good man just a little troubled

Carla Godfrey:

I wish the pool would open 24 hours a day for him. Then he wouldn’t be a problem for anyone since he’s fine when he’s at the pool.

Don Dotson:


Rick Rowland:

This Situation in New Carlisle is NOT going to End Well !!!!! Mark my words,So sad!!!

Tony Shelton:

He’s looking to get shot

Roger Whitby:

On one hand, he deserves to get shot in the street like a damn rabid dog. On the other, maybe better access to a public pool could eliminate this problem completely.

Make Seven Upurs:

U feel threatened by him or something that bashing him gives u douche ba gs warm n fuzzy feelings, grow the Fuck up KIDS

Conner Budurka:

I’ll tell you right now if he ever comes near my family and attempts anything or my girlfriend and I when we are out and about he will be sat down.

Carl Smith:

god i want to shoot him bad. i’ve always dreamed of shooting a guy

Curt Davenport:

To be honest with you I buy him packs of water sandwiches from time to time hed just about a 1/2 bubble off plumb but he don’t seem that bad I don’t think He would hurt anybody lhe just  need somebody to talk to I would rather see him around then all the heroin addict flat billed saggy Pants theaving ass thug wana br little boys around this town

Frederick Whaley:

I seen him assault a teenager for no reason in speedway and get arrested he is extremely dangerous

Tammy Gregory:

I know the pool pass idea didn’t work out as we hoped, so has anyone considered letting him use their private pool? I think Paul just needs a pool.

Paul Daugherty:

I respect the hell out of that young man the day he spoke to my wife and said hello and open the door for her at speedway,  and he didn’t even go in. Super guy in my book and would do for him if he needed.

Matt Mullins:

He’s gonna threaten the wrong person one day and this won’t be a discussion.

Carl Smith (separate message):

sure would like to shoot him. if not him then someone else for sure. i hope somebody looks at me weird or waves their hand toward me because i got some bullets in my gun that i need to be inside somebody’s body

Lucretia Moline:

Maybe someday the haters will need Paul’s assistance and then they will be thankful he was around.

Frederick Whaley (again):

Paul is an extreme danger to kids and teens I’ve seen attack and he shows his wiener to little kids. Not a good guy

Kathy Eidemiller Weber:

Paul may be a victim or mmental illlness but he is also mmmean lets normalize our views its never black or white

Christy Gibson:

He’s not a bad guy for real. Just has some mental health issues. He won’t hurt you as long as you don’t threaten him.

Ben Flarida:

He comes banging on my windows he’ll be going to the hospital anyway. That goes for anyone.

Sammie Ledford:

Dont talk about paul until u walk mile in his shoes how many u bring him food say kind word to him i see him every day give him little money so he can eat and when give him money he bys food with it so think twice before u talk about him that kood be u out there homless r. Kood be one youre love ones u woodnt like som one to talk about one youre love ones if thay was out there homless

Janet Brewer-Blankenship:

He is going to flip out on the wrong person or bang on the wrong car and get shot. Then what….

Shawn Johnson:

Addiction is NOT a disease. Cancer is a disease. You don’t just choose one day to… wait, were we talking about addiction or Paul? Oh, Paul. Well Paul is a menace and if he threatens my family I’ll shoot him dead where he stands. I have a CCW and I know how to use my weapon.

Teresa Lakins:

Takes a real tough person to walk around town hopping that Paul threatens them so they can legally shoot him or run him over with a car.

Zack Iiames:

Dude is lucky someone with a CCW hasn’t drawn down on him yet…..comes at me or my wife with anything that could be used as a weapon…..well lets just put it this way, swiss cheese

Ruben GM:

What if Paul was Mexican and his name was Pablo I bet you all would request to have his bean eating ass sent to jail and make him build the wall

Tom Hodges:

The whole town needs to open carry. The chances of someone getting an opportunity to shoot him are much higher if everyone is on high alert and armed.

Jennifer Peters:

He Has bought candy at the pool and offered to kids…just offered

He bought a boy a bag if popcorn because the boy ssid he was hungry and he had No money…

He loves watching the kids playing at the pool

And not once has he been aggressive to any one!!

Diana Stacy:

He is always a polite guy never no harm to anyone and I hate it when people say bad things about him or judge him

Bonita Bilyeu:

Occasions such as this is why I carry.

Todd Borchers:

Look man if Paul was a hot chick I would let him crash at my place lol but since he’s a dude he’s gotta find his own place or a chick crazier than he is that’s looking for a little crazy lovin lol





10 thoughts on “New Carlisle Citizens React to: Paul

  1. The only thing I gathered from “town thoughts” is the fact that the entire city of New Carlisle needs a refresher on spelling and grammar. 😀

  2. I believe Paul has many problems abd that family is the only ones to be able to commit him fir the 30 days in Springfield or Dayton for evaluation and then let the state decide. But you Idiots threating to shot a person who is not carrying are in for a- rude awakening. In stead of doing what your doing ,get with the city council and take time to talk and then take a- step in the right direction. Not the wrong or you will be locked up for murdering a unarmed person. . Paul is still human but sick and i pitty any if you who harm this man. Pool pass .no. FOOD yes for now. But think with your head and heart not with stupidity. And get him help. Instead of everything else they a family law- office to see what legally can be done to get him help since the family wont or cant. WKB.SR

  3. Most of us have read all of these. most of it is out of fear ?
    I have let my Mother know about the situation because I know she can have a kind heart because of her brother Steve Evans everyone knew around town. But he was deaf not mentally I’ll. I just think something needs to be done for or with Paul. Maybe he’s a goodguy when on his meds but when he isn’t then he can be dangerous to somebody , kids, pregnant woman ,older person who is blind or disabled veteran? Either way with the help of the officers reports and the family he has here in the area with friends who want to see him in safe place. DO SOMETHING. Before he does hurt somebody and somebody goes to prison for murder ..either him for the death of someone in anger or somebody does shoot him for hurting their family member.

  4. The homeless and or mentally bereft is a common national problem.
    In Indiana there are no laws that affect them UNTIL they commit a crime.
    Some commit common offences just to get free medical and warm beds.
    Mostly it’s like waiting for bomb to go off. Their social and moral attitudes are not yours.

  5. Ok I got one thing to say all u guys that are ignorant insubordinate idiots that got ccw and think got gun now ur tough make me fucking sick …..what has my city come to a bunch of gossipers and gun toting heroin using thieving heartless one track minded pieces of shit ….I don’t usually post on here but I gotta let this out cause I been in Paul’s shoes I have been a addictd in this city I have stol en I have threatened I have acted out I have lived it done it and it takes time ,love care and SUPPORT to over come these issuws but it is a thing that can be done ….come on guys everyone u make our city look like it a jungle full of rabid animals with no intellectual ability or common since quit being pussies and stand up and help make it better not worse and ….if I wasn’t born and raised here I would look at these post and think this town is most uncoordinated selfish community and n Ohio …. N sorry it is God’s honest truth look at urself …..and if people can’t help this man who is in the rough section of his lif e so stop the shit and quit fucking knocking ng a person down and boost him up

  6. Wow. This “carl smith” person is the one that needs to be locked up! “i got some bullets in my gun that i need to be inside somebody’s body”; Dude, seriously?
    This guy sounds way more dangerous than Paul may be.

  7. In my opinion, the citizens in ” OUR TOWN ” that throw threatening words and phrases on a FB page or social media, and provide ludicrous threats
    ARE ACTUALLY THOSE, whom ” WE ” should truly fear the most. Maybe NOT a mentally ill human being with a diaper, pool pass, broomstick, or ” whatever ” is in his shopping cart of supplies ( which seems to have become his trademark. ) Yes, I certainly agree that ” Paul ” desperately needs medical assistance and should be thoroughly evaluated and attended to by the proper authorities/physicians. However, what I fear most , are those that throw a ” cock badge ” around social media, and the others that try to intimidate those on a computer screen, and flaunt their CCW’s for all to see or hear about. I have often asked myself, “Do these keyboard warriors actually THINK before they throw their hateful words, threats, and attempts to do bodily harm, while bragging about their ammunition, chinese stars, paintball guns, samari swords, or whatever weapons of choice ? ” Are these folks merely nothing but a pseudonym, avatar, profile pic, etc? Or are THEY the real threat to society? Seriously? Really?
    Is it a mentally ill vagabond that we should truly be worried about? Or is it all the gun toting ” Cowboys “, ” Town Vigilantes “, or ” The Park Layne Posse ” that we should fear? Did some folks forget the code of ethics they pledged, and code of conduct they were taught to uphold, upon receiving their valued certificate to carry, from their CCW instructor?
    Did the salesman from the ” Ole’ Local Gun Shop ” forget to explain the importance of gun safety ? Again, I want to make myself clear, I am not defending the actions or criminal misconduct of
    ” Paul “, but I am concerned about the bodily harm and death threats I have read time and time again in the last 3 months, from the ” Upstanding Citzens ” and
    ” Volunteer Safety Guards ” in
    ” Our Town. ” Although, I am willing to admit, and without absolutely NO SHAME, my family did supply ” Paul “with food and drinks when we seen him in town. No, I am not claiming to be a Messiah, but I am a kindhearted and genuine person, with feelings, and was taught to exercise compassion. Yet, I was taught also to be vigilant and aware of my surroundings too.
    I have read over 1000 comments that have made me question the logic and sanity of SOME of the proclaimed ” good hearted, intelligent, and mindful citizens ” that claim to admire this town. Ironically, they themselves, are the ones that are making a mere mochary of New Carlisle, simply because of their own published methods of attack or defenses, and the idiocracies they publish on social media for all to see…or fear. And I’m not only talking about ” Paul “. For some
    ” Upstanding Citizens ” in this town, they have absolutrly no dignity nor boundaries. Actually threatening to seek a man out to intimidate him, or do unjust and unprovoked bodily harm. That, in my opinion, is a disgrace!
    There are also a handful of folks that live in ” Our Town ” that think their opinions should override all others on FB, and their words and posts be embossed in gold. Well, from someone who’s been here for ONLY 42 years, you can keep thinking your opinions matter. I prefer brass, plastic, and even cardboard to
    ” your gold “.
    This brings to mind a “self proclaimed local food critic ” whom often times, is brash, and displays narcissistic behaviors. His insults, slander, and defimation of character, has reached scores of reactions from the public on FB. Yes, I am referring to a man I will call
    ” Russell The Iron Chef “. To some, you may consider him a ” Town Celebrity “. But, with all do respect, in my opinion,
    ” The Town’s Biggest Loser ” comes to mind. I could care less about his insulting and damaging food reviews that he vomits on social media. I told him 2 years ago in a FB post, that until he wins the next Michelin Star Award, or I see him on the next rerun of Masterchef, HE, can ditch his dining experiences and food commentaries.
    Most generally his ” FB Food Reviews ” are tasteless rants, often rude and misleading. One time in particular, he was insinuating that that The Stage Coach Cafe made he and his wife sick. He publically complained of diarreah and other stomach issues. His insinuations were that of a dart, whirled right in the bullseye of the newly opened Stage Coach Cafe. His public thoughts were that he may have gotten food poisoning. BUT, little to his surprise, just hours after his horrendous FB rant, The City of New Carlisle was faced with a very serious water problem. Ironically, it was the exact day that ” Russell ” chose to eat at the restaurant, and spew his nasty remarks about the newly opened Cafe. The City Of New Carlisle Water and Sewer was certain that the water was DEFINITELY UNSAFE, and was unsure how many days prior, the reported problem occurred, nor were they aware if/of the health risks that it may have imposed to the citizens of The City of New Carlisle that rely on their water supply. This was JUST The City Of New Carlisle. Not Medway, Park Layne, Donnelsville, Crystal Lake etc. I want to make that clear because there were many worried folks that thought they were impacted. Again, this was JUST the citizens in The City Of New Carlisle. Ok 🙂
    The citizens in The City of New Carlisle were told to cease continued use until told otherwise. It effected many businesses in ” Our Town “. The issue was also stressed via automated calls, flyers, and a press release on local T.V. reports . The advisory lasted approximately 3-4 days. Unfortunately, for ” RusselI “, he just may have been a victim of contamidated water. Who knows? Because he did not acknowledge it in a follow up FB Post. However, it was a very serious water issue for The City Of New Carlisle. Some FB folks felt that ” Russell ” did an injustice to the new business. Including myself. However some fed off his venemous rant. Actually, I felt it was unfair. Even prior to the announcement of the Water Advisory. One can not insinuate food poisoning in a public local rant, unless they are much certain. Actually, it’s not good practice to ASSume a true threat of food poisoing at any restaurant. Not just a local restaurant. But, word travels fast in a small town like New Carlisle, so there were many concerned FB posts. Many nurses, healthcare workers, dieticians, nursing students, and the like, chose to post their opinions on FB, regarding their expertise and experience with ” food poisoning “.
    This can cause a serious problem with a restaurant’s clientelle and state mandated boards. However, I commend the owner. She was prompt to adress his concerns via FB. She tried to convince him that it made for bad business. Again, yes, I for one agreed, but the owner publically tried to do what she could to ease his rants and frustrations. Although , it did attract some negativity towards the business on FB. My hope is that NOW, all the neysayers AND supporters remember that event, and the Stage Coach has recovered from the negative FB post and the owner has flourished and is a main attraction!
    In my humble opinion, he is best quiet, and should retire his ” Mystery Diner Card ” and continue to stir his own pot of tainted soup at his own adress. This would be most beneficial, rather than trying to destroy future restaurants looking to seek a business opportunity in ” Our Town “. Especially with a ” Negative Food Critic ” lurking in their establishment. His previous posts of destructive criticism has truly impacted some businesses. I would like to suggest that he focus more in his own kitchen, than that of others. Possibly just stick with his own filtered water, and save us all from his sheer ridiculousness. Honestly, water is just as tasteless. Should he disagree, then I would appreciate and gladly welcome his wisdom, and look foward for him to enlighten me on what he is happy about in ” Our Town “, instead of what he detests. Maybe he could offer the citizens of ” Our Town ” a more positive approach to tackle the more important issues here. His attempt to provide some plausible and attainable solutions, that our community is currently facing, may be a better and more beneficial platform. He may attract an even broader fan base, and MAY actually prove to ” US “, that he has some very useful information and insight. Some of ” US ” might actually believe that he has a kind soul accompanied with an even bigger heart.
    And next. For the others that use social media as both an advertisement advantage, for your profitable business approach, like ole’, well, I will refer to him as ” Conner(or) “. I would like to suggest he keep his continued insults and threats to a minimum. It’s just bad business. Especially if we want to grow the economy here LOCALLY. Even though he stated that folks enjoy his sarcastic posts and he is already a “self made millionaire” ( satire intended ), in my opinion, he has completely tarnished his own brand, simply by a couple clicks and keystrokes on his electronic device of choice. I may be only one person, but unfortunately, word of mouth can either help or hurt a growing business. It can take just a few folks to make you, or brake you. Sometimes it’s the people that you do not know, that was watching you grow your brand, and actually utilized ” word of mouth ” to help you reap your worth. But I know, he is ” busy enough ” ( because he has used that line often in his
    rebuttals ) than to worry about the business he could’ve had. Because
    ” he already is very busy and has a heavy cash flow anyways “. Who needs more business clients anyways, right? Sure. More business is just more work and he is already flourishing. But here is some unsolicited advice, since we’ve all been inindated with his binge rants and inflated threats, insults, and advice … I hope he will just remember that a savvy business man/woman, is always on their toes. A successful businessman/woman, appreciates and welcomes ALL business. Especially NEW business. Most entrepreneurs are mindful of how they act AND react. Plus social media is such a valuable ” TOOL “. Kind of like him..
    ” A TOOL .” That, is how a business contines to profit. But, I’m sure he has many off shore accounts and more business is just, well….ah, he can figure it out.
    Moreover, I want to say this. In the real world, we ALL face some kind of problems during our life. Maybe we find ourselves in a situation we wished was different. Some, more grueling than others. But, going foward, I would like to propose, that for every problem you identify, please, if possible, restrain yourself from negativity and apply some compassion. If ” WE ” all could try to think of a positive/plausible solution to MAYBE rectify or eliminate the issue at hand, and possibly make
    ” Our Town ” the best town, again…or at least close to the wholesome town that some of ” US ” once fondly remembered. It may just be the push we need to succeed.
    In closing, for those who may be sitting quietly behind a screen, and in their daily lives, are actively offering a hand up, RATHER THAN demolishing, defacing, or have previously shamed everything in/around/or about” Our Town “, I would like to sincerely thank you! I am grateful to be your neighbor/family member/friend/peer. I would suggest that you continue your good deeds, and please give yourself an applause! I often hear/see only the things that are not meeting our expectations, and rarely see/hear the great things that are a positive stand out. At least on The New Carlisle FB Page.
    I can assure you, I have always found it best to give, than receive. If you are considerate, and want to GIVE back to the community, in any way, shape, or form. Being through public praise, acknowledgement, charity, public service, whatever your choosing, then YOU are valued. If you just want to seek public attention, stir blasphemous rumors, hate, or unwanted ill willed emotions, and add fuel to the fire, and desire to RECEIVE negativity through provocative rants, then YOU may be a part of the problem. If possible, take time to reevaluate your surroundings. Should you decide to invest in GIVING more promise and hope to this community, that ” WE ” call home, your efforts will soon be noticed, probably praised, and not overlooked. You may find inner strength and happiness. It is in our best interest to be poised, joyful, hopeful, and appreciative people. This is really necessary to help rebuild our reputation, destroy walls, and bridge the gap, so we can continue to make New Carlisle a truly better place to live, love, and thrive.
    Jen Vaughn

      • Well fella, if you need cliff notes, I’d advise you to check with a pal or neighbor who doesn’t spend all their time, wasting away in gossip or trash talking about New Carlisle. Hopefully, you will find a strong, yet kindhearted and educated individual, with a positive vision. Surely you’ll find an optimist(s) with an attainable plan of action. Just remember to be considerate of others, mindful of whom you ask about dinner ideas, & if possible, update yourself/ peers on CCW laws.
        I’d refrain from tossing around threats to do harm on others on a Social Media platform. ( Not that you did ). I have read thousands of idiotic posts on Social Media about New Carlisle, and honestly, it’s just tacky and misfortunate. It just makes the
        ” typist ” appear weak and it’s truly self humiliating on their part.
        I apologize if you found yourself lost in my literary piece. Hopefully this synopsis will lead you in the right direction.
        Best Regards,

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