5 Possible Explanations for the Officer Involved Dog Shooting in Crystal Lakes

On Tuesday night, a pit bull named Duke was shot multiple times by a Clark County Deputy, according to a report by the New Carlisle NewsIt is the second controversial police shooting in the New Carlisle area this year. NCN photographer and reporter Andy Grimm was shot by a deputy in September. Not many details are available at this time, but through social media we have been able to piece together some possible explanations for what caused the shooting. 

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VIDEO: Updated Full Bodycam Footage of Officer-Involved New Carlisle Shooting and Analysis

On Monday night, New Carlisle News reporter and photographer Andy Grimm was shot by Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Shaw. Grimm survived his injuries, and has stated that he does not wish for the deputy to lose his job. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has released bodycam footage, presented below, so you can judge for yourself.

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Lacking Actual Police Presence, New Carlisle’s Grammar Police Step Up

Many New Carlisle residents, past and present, flock to the popular Facebook group “You Know You’re From New Carlisle If…” to discuss the town’s history, share news, review local businesses, and connect with good people from the area.

Inevitably, things can turn toward the negative from time to time. But a new trend has popped up in the group: grammar police. And the rest of the town could learn a thing or two from them.

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Great Moments in New Carlisle History: The Great Heroin Bust of 2014

This is the next installment of an ongoing feature at M&L called Great Moments in New Carlisle History. The series will focus on some of the amazing, noteworthy, infamous, and heartwarming moments that have occurred in our town. 

Drugs, and heroin in particular, have become the scourge of middle America. Sadly, New Carlisle is not exempt from this plague. Last July, however, a refreshing ray of sunshine blasted through the dark, stormy, disgusting cesspool known as the New Carlisle drug trade.

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