5 Better Ways New Carlisle Can Spend $60,000 Than on the Pool

Despite its inability to turn a profit, the New Carlisle Pool is being considered for a $60,000 cash influx next year, according to the 2016 budget proposal presented Monday.

The decision to keep the pool open rather than retain deputies in New Carlisle has caused controversy in town, and this budget proposal is sure to be polarizing. Main and Lake has come up with 5 better ways for New Carlisle to spend $60,000 than by pumping it into the local pool.

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The 5 Most Obvious Reasons Council Chose The Pool Over Police

The New Carlisle Family Pool has long been a fixture in the community and if some had their way it would have been filled with dirt so the city can employ nearly a half dozen police officers. Luckily for the city’s residents, council thought better of living in a police state and voted to eliminate nearly the entire police force so the city’s general fund could be focused towards pool related issues.

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