VIDEO: Updated Full Bodycam Footage of Officer-Involved New Carlisle Shooting and Analysis

On Monday night, New Carlisle News reporter and photographer Andy Grimm was shot by Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Shaw. Grimm survived his injuries, and has stated that he does not wish for the deputy to lose his job. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has released bodycam footage, presented below, so you can judge for yourself.

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In Wake of New Carlisle Dentist Office Shooting, Citizens Debate Ban

A 70-year-old man fired a gun in the office of Dr. Mark Kellar, DDS in New Carlisle Wednesday, striking himself in the hand during a dental procedure. The man was under anesthesia and thought he heard his cell phone ringing, but mistakenly grabbed his gun and fired, according to a report from the New Carlisle News.

The incident has ignited a debate about whether cell phone usage should be allowed in places of business in town.

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