What Will Be the Top 2018 New Carlisle Headlines?

2017 certainly was an eventful year in New Carlisle. We had some major stories spring from our little town, including some that even went international!

So, what does 2018 have in store for us? We dusted off our crystal ball and gazed into the cloudy unknown to rip this year’s biggest New Carlisle headlines out of the ether. Here’s what New Carlisle is in for in 2018.

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13 New Carlisle Memes that Hit Way Too Close to Home: Wot-A-Dog Edition

Ever since Wot-A-Dog reopened, it’s been all the town can talk about! We love us some hot dogs with Wot-A-Dog’s famous coney sauce, Rebel Burgers, Wot-A-Burgers, onion rings, curly fries, and we’re excited to try the new stuff, too! So join us as we celebrate the grand reopening of one of New Carlisle’s greatest landmarks with some fun stuff. It’s 13 New Carlisle Memes that Hit Way too Close to Home: Wot-A-Dog Edition!

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