Video: Enon Furniture Store Owner Insults, Threatens Customers

A video circulating online recently shows the owner and operator of Enon’s Jim Miller Furniture Industries engaging in an argument with a customer. Shot in August 2015, the discussion begins with light insults and escalates to Miller apparently attempting to crash into the customers with his mobility scooter. Watch the video for yourself after the jump.

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It’s difficult to tell exactly what the situation is here, but judging by the video comments and the video description, the customer is claiming that the store did not use the agreed upon fabric to upholster a new couch. The store owner, rather than explain his side of the issue or the store’s policies, decides to insult the customer and her companions, one of which recorded the video.

Ironically, a sign hanging on the wall and shown in the video reads “Remember: the final inspector is the customer.”


Image via Jim Miller Furniture Industries Facebook page

Customer reviews on Facebook mostly echo the complaints from the video. A sampling:*

From December, 2015

My husband and I wanted to buy a box spring and mattress, but changed our mind. We got a better deal from morris furniture. Since you can’t get your money back we were looking for a dresser. We found one for 526.00 and he said” that’s not the correct price”. He wanted to charge us 1000.00. I reply to him you’re supposed to charge me the price that’s on there. He got angry with us. We purchase two lamps. He talks about being honest. Im disappointed. Won’t go back ever!!!

From July, 2015

Jim Miller is full of shit, he’s a liar he offers a 10 year warranty to us on his furniture so I purchased a $1500 dollar coach and loveseat from his store extra firm. From day one I had problems I went back to the store to get the issues taken care of from the start he started talking crazy to me, so I told the staff to send out the truck and pick up the furniture.Oh, then he apologized and said he would take care of the problem because the I had the contract and warranty in my hands. So today I went to the store with said pillows he started up with his lies and nasty mouth and said that he doesn’t offer warranties and the Koren woman that sews the furniture named Rita heard every word and lied and said that they didn’t have the fabric in stock, how is that possible when they just fixed the pillows that went on the loveseat last Wednesday and I saw the fabric in the fabric room where they store it, Oh but I’ll have the last laugh because while he was talking about what he wasn’t going to do and cursing at me as well. I had my granddaughter taping the whole scene then I contacted WHIO sent a copy to the TV station . Jim Miller (Gotcha) I’m ready for war. My rating for Miller furniture zero—- If your smart don’t do it………

From January, 2016

This place is a joke. He also has rentals and is a big slum lord along with his girlfriend ebony. He yells at customers calls them names he even called the cops on us after he threatened to punch me in my face in front of my kids. Piece of shit.

From January, 2015

Heard he insulted a friend of mine about her weight. Won’t ever shop there.

*Some review comments have been trimmed for length, but are otherwise presented verbatim, without edits. All spelling and grammar errors are sic’d. 

The business also holds a “D-” rating from the Better Business Bureau, although it is not accredited through that organization.

As a New Carlisle resident, I can’t say this behavior is shocking, considering it comes from a business in Enon. Enon has long fancied itself superior to New Carlisle, and attitudes like that of this store owner are a perfect example. I think I speak for everyone in New Carlisle when I say that you would never hear something like this from Trostel’s. Unlike other writers on Main & Lake, I think we need Trostel’s to come back NOW and save us from the Jim Millers of the vicious furniture market.

For more on New Carlisle and Enon, check out 8 reasons New Carlisle is better than Enon.

72 thoughts on “Video: Enon Furniture Store Owner Insults, Threatens Customers

  1. You can’t compare one business owner to all of Enon! Most of the Enon residents feel the exact same way about Jim Miller, but when you categorize “Enon” as comparable to Jim Miller it makes you no better!!! I know quiet a few people from Enon who support New Carlisle business’ so to say Enon holds it self superior to New Carlisle is ridiculous!

    • I own a home in Enon and spend a lot of money in New Carlisle….I am very offended. Enon is a beautiful place to live but so is New Carlisle. I am sure New Carlisle has a few nasty people that reside there or at least one that has a business there. Every town/city has someone who is not always pleasant. It is very embarrassing and heartbreaking that Mr. Miller acts this way and treats people this way, but again every town/city has at least one person who isn’t pleasant. So please be very careful when you point fingers……In a perfect world none of this would happen anywhere, but I am sad to say this is not a perfect world……..

  2. I bought furniture from him Nov. 29th 2015 and just recieved it last week. He is a liar and a mean hateful man! They lied to me 3 times the fabric i ordered twice saying they ran out and then asked if we could come in and order it again. Then found out his sales girl never wrote down the fabric to begin with. He said we would be compensated then when it was finished i went out there and he was yelling and cussing saying i was lucky i got it at the price i did and told me to leave his store and never come back. I made the mistake and gave hime 1500.00 when i first ordered it or else i would’ve walked away. This needs to be known so others wont get involved with him. He is a terrible business man .

  3. He’s been a Crooked business owner for decades everybody knows this. But two wrongs don’t make a right. The people behind the camera didn’t Seem Too Civilized Either. It Seemed to me they was instigating the confrontation hoping they could benefit from it. There’s a big difference between Victims & Drama Queens. J/S

  4. I’ll never shop there ever again!
    The last time I went in there he was yelling at one of his employees.
    I felt so bad for her and this guy is a rude asshole.
    Folks, whatever you do steer clear of this business because this guy is a crook.

  5. To the author, this is an article about Jim Miller, who does NOT represent the Village of Enon. Stick to the subject. Stereotypes and insults will get you no where. It’s a shame that a business in Enon has such a poor reputation, but you lost all of your credibility when you lumped an entire town in with him. You are only making yourself look bad.

  6. Mr. Miller is in his mid 80s and still trying to run his business as he has for many years. He’s old school and is probably doing the best he can considering. Does he make mistakes like the rest of us? Yes! Is he perfect all of the time? No! He has good quality products at fair prices but If you don’t like the way he runs his business shop someplace else! I also think it’s silly to compare one town to another…just like people they are all different!

          • I use to work at Miller’s he does have a son and he does live in Ohio. He use to have a tool business out of Jamestown

          • Heather Yes he does actually have four sons but none of them live in Ohio now nor does he have a son named Jerry you absolutely do not know what you’re talking about!

          • That’s funny. In 2011 a person mr Miller introduced us to in his showroom as his SON sold us $3200 worth of leather furniture!

          • He does have two boys! One does work for him, ik bc I worked for him as well! This man is very manipulative, mean, and several other things I do not wish to get into. His son is infact just like him. Very rude! I worked for miller, for about 2.5 months. To which I quickly realized I had made a major mistake taking the position to begin with. this man not only speaks to his customers very inappropriately but his employees as well.

        • He does not have a son named Jerry nor do any of his sons live in Ohio people post things on here and they do not know what they’re talking about!

    • You are so right .Jim’s always been fair with me. But he’s just getting old and people today or are very intimidating to him

    • My exact thoughts! Thank you! He is an older person, yes! All older people are not like this so let’s not stereotype! He is rude towards women actually, and may be should retire and go to Gatlinburgh! The Enon and New Carlisle comparison is ridiculous! Little towns should stick up for one another! Really? As far as Jim (God rest his soul) and Janie’s furniture store, no comparison!

  7. I purchased a mattress for my camper gave them the correct dimensions I needed when they got it done I picked it up and brought it home to find out that they made it two inches too short when I took it back they told me it was my fault that I was wrong . I had the piece of paper where I wrote the dimensions down they still said it was my fault I would never buy anything from this man again

  8. I went to Jim Miller to purchase a living room suit. Found one that I like . couch loveseat and chair. I paid for it had sell Bill when the furniture was delivered the chair wasn’t with it. So I called the store and Mr Miller informed me that the chair was not included on that price. He then cussed me out. I told him to come and get the furniture and that I was stopping payment on the check. Cause I didn’t get everything that I paid for, and there for he shouldn’t get paid. I also called bbb on him and I was informed by them that he has had way to many complaints.

  9. Being from Enon I am appalled about the comment that insinuates people from Enon fancy themselves better than the folks in New Carlisle. I have lived in both towns and find them to be very similar. As far as Jim Miller Furniture, I can not speak for anyone’s experiences, but know that he doesn’t define the Enon community!

  10. Wanted to buy new sofa. Didn’t like the prices or inventory at JIM MILLER. Ended up at Lower Valley Furniture. Found exactly what I wanted. Great service and prices.

  11. U shouldn’t stereotype the whole town because of one mans stupidity. Seriously this reporter should be reprimanded because it sounds like the reporter is trying to start a social war between the two SMALL towns. Jim Miller shouldn’t be in business if this is how he treats his customers.

  12. Well, one bad Apple dont spoil the while bunch, girl? How you can compare Enon residents to New Carlisle residents like that? Ive lived in Enon my whole life & never felt that way, I’m fact my favorite people/friends in the whole world are from New Carlisle. For you to comment this way just makes YOU sound bad. And, yes, Jim Miller is an ass!

  13. Thank you Mr. Bolo for finally calling Enon out for who and what they are. While some may feel Old Jim Miller is the outlier, I can assure you he isn’t as I resided in Enon 25 years. Old Jim Miller represents to a T what I call the Enon Mentality: better than everyone else. Tecumseh has routinely destroyed Greenon in everything over the years from sports to school infrastructure, yet they still view themselves as superior over New Carlisle and TLS.

    I could go on but I’m a little hot and bothered right now.

  14. That’s nice. Bait the poor old fella into a tense situation and then video tape it so you can make him look bad.

    All because you didn’t get your way.

    • He was clearly not being friendly. I would be just as annoyed if someone treated me like that. Doesn’t matter what age he is. It had nothing to do with them “not getting their way”. What an ignorant thing to say. He was displaying poor customer service and he was being very rude. There is no excuse for that.

      • Get over yourself.

        What went on during the interaction prior to them pressing the record button? What didn’t the camera catch? Unlike you, I am not satisfied with watching a video from one side of the fence. It’s all too easy to get someone stirred up to the point of embarrassment, then turn on the camera.

        • Don’t act like you have any place to belittle me. You don’t know the whole story either. So what gives you the right to say that she was in the wrong? The fact that he was trying to run her over on his mobility scooter and say some of those nasty things to her was very immature. Just like you. Sad to think that people like you exist. You are clearly an idiot.

        • Where do you have the place to belittle me? You don’t know the other side of the situation either. So what gives you the right to say that? The fact of the matter is that he made rude comments to his customer and tried to run her over with his mobility scooter. That alone does not make him look like he was in the right. But I guess people like you find that okay. Sad to think people like you exist. You are clearly an idiot.

    • Jim Miller is a dirty, old, nasty, crook along with his pathetic staff. God rest his soul…he needs to retire to a nursing home and his entire staff needs to find a new career that is not in customer service!

  15. Serious Mr Joe Bolo? Did you really take this extraordinaire journalistic piece of work to call out Enon folks as a whole? I have lived in Enon for over 15 years and never even noticed anything of the kind in what you try to point out about Enon residents. I am not sure even if there were some animosities among communities which I don’t believe there are here, but even if there were why in the world would you stoop to that level? Rise above my friend, don’t perpetuate the problem.

  16. This man is also a racist. It’s time the old man retires and moves to the south, because the village doesn’t nees his bigotry. He has long catered to the white trash of Enon Beach and Enon Heights Mobile Home Park, that’s the main reason why I heard is business is failing. Im from Fairborn and was pulled over by an Enon cop and they let me go with a warning because I wasn’t from New Carlisle. The officer said “Im only letting you off because i originally thought you were from New Carlisle, because of your car. We hate the people of New Carlisle, everything there is much nicer and we want their tax money.” So the reporters statements are dead on!

  17. I would guess the old guy is getting senile . We were in there a little while back we did not buy anything and he wasn’t mean, but seemed not quite right.
    We brought furniture from him about 30 yrs ago, 20yrs ago, and again 10 yrs ago, had to go back a half a dz times and had no problem. He took care of our problem with no argument.
    Looks like it’s time for him to retire before he PO’s the wrong person and gets hurts bad.

  18. Those aristocratic snobs have always looked down on us from their Enon beach ivory tower. As a fellow New Carlisleon I wanted to personally thank you for taking a break from double-fisting heroin milkshakes to write this journalistic masterpiece. I too get an immediate inferiority complex by the mere presence of anyone whose property value isn’t in a constant free fall.

  19. For far too long New Carlisle maggots have come to Enon to eat at our fine restaurants, shop our boutiques, and seed our women. This ends now. The next time some New Carlisle butt cheese looks at my daughter he’s going to feel the full force of my left hook. Stay out.

  20. Jim Miller may not be great. But he is a lit better than that waterbed mattress store you have in your downtown. Who even still uses waterbeds? They don’t even use those in porn anymore

  21. So the people of New Carlisle say we here in Enon think we are better then them? That’s really sad to think, since nobody in Enon even thinks about that cesspool of a town.
    New Carlisle is the “MySpace” of Clark County it exists just nobody goes there anymore.
    Fortunately, I don’t even have a reason to drive through that dump.
    I guess that town could be nice if robbing people and doing meth are things that interest you.

    • Yet here we are getting shit on by YOU Cecil Rollins thus proving our point. You have that classic Enon better than attitude that pisses us to no end. Get a real town to live in you wankass poser. BTW nice little Apple Butter Festival you have going on in the fall. You might get a tenth of the turnout our Festival of Flight gets.

      • The Festival of Flight is only popular due to the strong desire of your residents to get out of that crap town. Enon enjoys not being a city, it’s quality of life that really matters.

        • There is and always will be jealously towards Enon. Enon has the highest income per capita in the county, thus we have nicer things. Businesses want to come and classier folks want to live here. I’m flattered so many New Carlisle people are so jealous. That tells me they at least recognize their problems with drugs and alcohol.

  22. After reading the adolescent comments made by some of the Enon lowlifes I feel it is my duty to speak on behalf of my city. Yeah I said “CITY”. Enon will never receive city status cause that shit is earned. The state barely recognizes you Enon. When I put you into MapQuest a warning comes up that says “Enon, Ohio? Are you sure?”. Nope. When our roads need fixed we pay to do it. You just suckle off the State for funds. Welfare Queens of Enon.

  23. I don’t know Mr. Miller and have never purchased anything from his store so I have no comment on that part of this story. I live in Mad River Twp. (Enon area) and I am amazed at the small minded nasty comments by New Carlisle ” citizens” about the residents of Enon. I have lived here for 2 years and find the people here to be friendly, helpful, very nice folks. The nasty comments about Enon Beach and mobile home residents is just plain. cruel. I have lived in New Carlisle too and not every area there is top drawer either. The days we judge people by where they live should long be over. New Carlisle has always been a cliquey, judgemental community and I guess it hasn’t changed. Shame on you!

  24. Had it ALL upto hear!!!!! U talkin sheet bout my City New Carshit? Well Enon got the good schools cause Tecumsu filled with pregnent skanks and meth. Try being haf the City we r in Enon n you mite lern sumething.

  25. There are good things about both places. Enon is a really nice community with a lot of growth. They have great restaurants and seem to take pride in their village. The Apple Butter Festival and other community events make Enon a great little place to live with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It’s hard to find a house in disrepair in Enon. They’re all kept very nice. Enon has their own police which is nice. New Carlisle also has good aspects.

  26. I too was scammed by Mr Miller paid for an ordered a nice couch an chair.
    My couch buttons never worked but worse the seats had big gaps in them
    an was told that was the new style. You could the material was shorted.
    The arms of the chair didn’t match one side didn’t go back an meet the
    back of he chair. They were suppose to fix it an after weeks it was
    delivered back to me with nothing done. Never ever again. His driver
    said you either loved him or hated him. More have gotten ripped off
    than were satisfied. 1400 out the window

  27. I never said his name was Jerry and nor did I attack anyone. His son did live in OH. I don’t keep up with them clearly as well as you do! So before start spatting shit about not knowing what I am talking about read the whole comment . He did live in OH and was running Lampe Tools. Where he is now I don’t really care!!!

  28. Don’t talk about Jerry on here please Heather. You might not think what you did was attacking but it sure was close. I believe you worked there n all but sayin none of Enon is like that just ain’t true. Been here 21 years now. Lots of arrogance here in this town and some of these posts prove I’m right. Just don’t bring Jerry into this please.

    • I never brought Jerry into!! I said I never said his name was Jerry I worked the so long ago I couldn’t tell you his name!
      Nor do I care to remember his name.
      It funny how one thread can get so twisted and lose the focus of what was really written.

  29. I’m not mad I find it amusing how everyone acts like they know what they are talking about and really no one has a clue me included i have no idea where the hell his sons are now and I really don’t care!

  30. As it turns out the reporter pulled a fast one. The women in the video is actually a Enon resident. Her name is Amy McCurdy formally Demmy. She she is a graduate of Greenon High School. So this is Enon on Enon dispute and has nothing to do with New Carlisle.

    • Hello THIS IS Amy Demmy McCurdy. I have NEVER resided in Enon Ohio and I did NOT graduate from Greenon HS. I did NOT make or post this ridiculous video. Get your facts straight Patty G before you speak of those you know nothing about
      Good day to you and try to steer of slander
      God Bless

    • Patty G. You have no idea what your talking about. Amy McCurdy loves Jim Miller and would never do something like that. Get your facts straight before running your mouth.

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