Welcome to Main and Lake

Thank you for dropping by Main and Lake, a source of news, information, history, and fun about the lovely city of New Carlisle, Ohio.

Whether New Carlisle is your home, your home away from home, or simply a town you consider the greatest city on earth, we know you will enjoy what Main and Lake has to offer.

We invite you to, please, do as you would do in town; kick your feet up, make yourself at home, and learn something about the town you love. We like to think you will have a real hoot while you are here, too.


One thought on “Welcome to Main and Lake

  1. M & L I think this is a good idea, reminding the positive and negative aspects of a Great Little Town. New Carlisle will always have a Special place in my and my families heart. We were the proud owners of Wot-A-Dog Drive In. for over 13 years back in the 80s & 90s. Our pleasure was serving some of the best food in the world. Our menu was an extensive one for such a small restaurant, with 26 different sandwich and of course our Kahn’s FOOT LONG Hot Dog topped with Wot-A-Dog”s Coney Sauce. Thanks to OUR customers we were successful in that endeavor. Number 29 is good BUT # 1 is better. I think if that survey were taken back in 2000 we would have fared much better. Thanks again for all of your support of one of the best seasonal business. Never mind the thousands of Christmas Trees & Wreaths we supplied ever year. Sorry to hear that the present owner is in bad heath, we continue to pray for his healing.

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