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  1. Hi can you post that Medway Church on 235 (at the old drive in) is having a cruise in June 20th from 12-4pm. Jay’s smoking will smoke pulled pork, prizes, raffles, live entertainment! Bring out the old ones, new ones, motorcycle’s !

  2. So, the city thinks it can turn a nursing home into a City Hall. Now that’s funny! Why do you think Bell Manor would just give away a building valued at over half a million dollars?!? Nursing homes are big business these days. If the building was worth a damn, they’d keep using it. So let’s help Bell Manor take its jobs out of the city too, since the workers there will be moved to Dayview, outside the city limits. Who needs their income tax money anyway? And let’s remind the taxpayers of the $18,000 a year the owners of Bell Manor pay in property taxes every year that will disappear when the city takes ownership. And stop saying they are “donating” the decrepit facility to New Carlisle. The City will have to purchase the property for $1 so the owners of Bell Manor can take a huge tax deduction for the “loss.” The city will then be stuck with another financial burden that will make Madison School and Twin Creeks look like good deals. Get ready for another income tax increase….

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