What Will Be the Top 2018 New Carlisle Headlines?

2017 certainly was an eventful year in New Carlisle. We had some major stories spring from our little town, including some that even went international!

So, what does 2018 have in store for us? We dusted off our crystal ball and gazed into the cloudy unknown to rip this year’s biggest New Carlisle headlines out of the ether. Here’s what New Carlisle is in for in 2018.

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5 Possible Changes to New Carlisle’s Main Street Intersections

New Carlisle City Manager Randy Bridge told city council recently that the County Transportation Coordinating Committee would be conducting a traffic survey at two Main Street intersections in town, according to the New Carlisle News.

Bridge declined to expound on his plans for the intersections, but Main & Lake has some ideas about what could be in store for our busiest thoroughfare.

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10 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in New Carlisle

Do you ever get tired of only hearing about the negative things that happen in New Carlisle? Do you get tired of the lamestream media telling you only the stories that fit their agenda? WE DO TOO! Why, if you were only to listen to the news and what you see on social media, you might think New Carlisle is nothing but a no-good cesspool filled with lost pets, crime, school scandals, negative restaurant reviews, lost pets, drug use, pizza restaurants, lost pets, tax services, and rude people.

With that in mind, we decided to show you some pictures that demonstrate the great things that happen and exist in New Carlisle every day. If you’re like us, these pictures will make you happy and proud to live in a small, welcoming, friendly town like New Carlisle.

Here are 10 photos that will restore your faith in New Carlisle.

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