Professional Symbologist Decodes Bike Trail Graffiti

A report of spray painted graffiti on the New Carlisle bike trail was posted on the popular Facebook group “You Know You’re From New Carlisle If…” this week. Pictures were posted showing symbols and words emblazoned on benches and a concrete rest area.

Main and Lake has reached out to a professor of symbology to try to attach meanings to the defacement and to hopefully provide clues that may lead to the apprehension of the vandal.

Editor’s note: The following article and photographs therein contain profanity that may not be suitable for children or sensitive adults.


Jonathan Steinerman is a professor of symbology at the University of Cincinnati. Main and Lake forwarded the photos to him with a request to decode the bike trail graffiti.

Editor’s note: The conversation with Professor Steinerman has been edited for clarity.

“In this first picture, a few things are immediately noticeable. First, you’ve got a crudely drawn Star of David with an eye inside. By itself, the Star of David is generally recognized as a Jewish symbol and appears on the flag of Israel. It has also been used by several other religions as well as by Freemasons and by the Nazis as a means of marking Jews,” Steinerman told Main and Lake via email.

The flag of Israel and its Star of David hexagram, similar to one spray painted near the bike path.

The flag of Israel and its Star of David hexagram, similar to one spray painted near the bike path.

“Of course, this version of the symbol differs greatly because of the eye in the center,” Steinerman continued. “The most obvious symbolism involved here is the ‘evil eye’ of Satan. Along with the word ‘King,’ which we see painted multiple times in the pictures, this suggests that the vandal is involved in the occult and may be marking this area as a sacrificial altar.”

Devil worship is pretty serious business, so we asked Steinerman if there were any other possible meanings of the eye and the word “King” in this picture.

“The only other meaning I’ve seen would be tied to the Illuminati, the notorious secret society rumored to control the entire world with the interest of creating a single government made up of Illuminati members. Frankly, I would be concerned that vandals in New Carlisle, Ohio are affiliated with a global political takeover,” he replied. “You will know whether it is Satanic in nature if you begin to find corpses of animals and humans surrounded by candles. If it’s truly the Illuminati, you will know it when unexpected people ascend to positions of great power in the city. If you have a city council election soon, I would start looking there.”


In this picture, the word “King,” the abbreviation “NCSC,” and the number 420 are all clearly visible.

Asked about the “NCSC” tag, Steinerman was at a bit of a loss.

“It seems obvious that the ‘NC’ portion stands for ‘New Carlisle.” Beyond that, I can only speculate on what the ‘SC’ part stands for. Here is a list of possible terms based on context clues shown in the pictures:

  • Satan’s Children
  • Speedway Corporation
  • Stop Crime
  • Sorta Crappy
  • Steam Cleaner (possibly explaining how to remove the graffiti)
  • Speedway Corporation
  • Super Cool

And the “420?” Steinerman confirmed our worst fears.

“420 is normally used to describe smoking marijuana. That number being included in this graffiti suggests that the person(s) behind the painting were either high on drugs while doing it or are traffickers of drugs. I wouldn’t rule out a large marijuana trafficking organization being the culprit here. It could explain the Illuminati ties, as a large amount of wealth and power are required to enter into that secret society,” Steinerman said.


The view from the back of the benches. “Fuck bitches Get $$$” is painted here.

Lastly, we had Steinerman decode the profanity scrawled across the back of the bike trail benches.

“On its surface, I can only think the ‘Fuck bitches’ part refers to some sort of bestiality sex between a human and a female dog. This seems to be a call to arms to New Carlisle residents to have sexual relations with dogs in town. I’m a bit confused by the ‘Get $$$’ part, unless they are pointing to sex with dogs as an initiation rite to enter the Illuminati,” Steinerman said.

“It’s not the strangest secret society initiation ritual I’ve ever stumbled upon.”

I then informed Steinerman that New Carlisle does indeed have a rampant loose dog problem.

“Oh really? That’s very interesting as it relates to this case then,” he replied. “It’s very possible that people are being paid to try and impregnate dogs with human-dog hybrid babies.”

He went on to summarize his thoughts on the graffiti as a whole:

“In closing, here is my best guess at what all of this means. I think what you’ve got is a person or a group of persons who are on the verge of being highly influential in your town. These could be local politicians, financiers, people who get tons of likes on their Facebook posts, etc. This person or persons is getting ready to make a power play to absorb New Carlisle into their New World Order, which would lead to the city being a part of the massive, single global government I mentioned before. There’s a high chance this person or persons is using profits earned from selling dangerous marijuana drugs in the community to finance their rise to power. And I think chances are high that Satanism or devil worship is involved. I would be very weary of any power shifts in New Carlisle.

“Either that or some kids were bored and decided to spray paint some stupid sayings and curse words on a nice public bike trail. But I think my first guess was better.”