VIDEO: Updated Full Bodycam Footage of Officer-Involved New Carlisle Shooting and Analysis

On Monday night, New Carlisle News reporter and photographer Andy Grimm was shot by Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Shaw. Grimm survived his injuries, and has stated that he does not wish for the deputy to lose his job. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has released bodycam footage, presented below, so you can judge for yourself.

It is unclear whether any disciplinary action will occur for Deputy Shaw, as the incident is still under investigation. It is also unclear whether Grimm intends to file a lawsuit against the department.

The video seems to depict events consistent with the statement Grimm issued after he left surgery. The officer issued no warning before firing, and Grimm was in the process of setting up his camera and tripod to photograph the thunderstorm that rolled into the area late Monday night.

The initial body cam footage released:

The longer version of the body cam footage:

Dale Grimm of New Carlisle News and Andy’s father, weighed in on Facebook.

From New Carlisle News Facebook page

It certainly seems like the deputy shot very quickly, but we aren’t able to see exactly what he saw. He quickly recognized that it was Grimm, and proceeded to call for help immediately, comforting Grimm while doing so.


Unedited footage, courtesy of Fox 45, was made available a few hours ago. This post has been updated to include both versions of the body cam footage.

So what do you think? What should be the outcome for Deputy Shaw? Let us know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “VIDEO: Updated Full Bodycam Footage of Officer-Involved New Carlisle Shooting and Analysis

  1. I think as long as the officer says he’s sorry after he shoots someone it should be ok and he should not get in trouble.

  2. That is absolutely ridiculous. Smh. Completely uncalled for. I’m so glad Andy is okay. What if he was grabbing an umbrella for his child that was in the car (if he had a child in the car, I know there was not one)? No drop the weapon or anything. Absolutely no warning. You can see it was not storming yet. The officer didn’t call for help prior to the shooting stating that he may have a suspect with a weapon. Nothing at all. Geeesh

  3. He shot an innocent person. He took his attention away from his traffic stop, didn’t take the time to identify himself or seek any information about who we shooting at, and shot an innocent person. And not once, but twice.
    I understand he is a nice guy and all, great for Mr. Grimm to forgive him, but that officer doesn’t need to be carrying a gun in public.

  4. Are you kidding me? Sheriff’s Department definitely would be paying me. Notice how he tries to cover his ass, “you pulled that out of the back of the Jeep like it was a gun”.

  5. Ohio is open carry, Lets say it was a gun, pulling a gun out of the back of a vehicle isn’t a crime.
    If Andy wants to forgive the guy, we can too. It wasn’t me or mine that got shot, however tomorrow it might be. A risk that I don’t want to take.

    I really don’t care about anything other than, please fire the Deputy.

  6. FIRE HIM! Clearly a trigger happy idiot. I’m so sick of weak, scared authority figures. The photographer wasn’t doing anything wrong. The deputy is a coward.

  7. I totally agree, because he says he is sorry! that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Accidents happen but everyone including police have to pay for those accidents. If hit someone with my car, not drinking or texting or doing anything illegal just a plan accident, I would have to go to court and pay fines, maybe do jail time pay higher insurance etc… if we have to pay for our mistakes so does officer Shaw. He was very trigger happy with that gun, it was irresponsible and wrong! I cant wait to see how this plays out!

  8. There was absolutely no reason to fire without reasonable cause. Did Shaw think he was working a beat on the west side of Dayton or in Detroit. It is perfectly legal to carry a gun in Ohio and he realized immediately he had shot a friend in long standing – perhaps taking a few seconds first to ask a question or shout a warning might have been the proper course. The true miracle is Andy was not actually killed – shooting someone in the middle body is hardy a warning shot to disarm – the whole thing stinks and sadly, this officer needs to be either be fired or removed totally from carrying a side arm – perhaps doing admin work at the jail or in HQ?

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