New Carlisle Citizens React To: Ethan Reynolds Becoming Mayor

After a contentious and heated council meeting on Tuesday, January 2, New Carlisle city councilman Ethan Reynolds was elected mayor of the city. William Lindsey was elected vice mayor, Jim Leathley (aka Nojuan U’dno on Facebook) resigned from council, and Mike Lowrey remains on council after serving the previous two years as mayor. New Carlisle News has the scoop and all the details here.

Would you like to know how this news is being received by YOU, the citizens of New Carlisle but don’t have hours to sift through the rambling, meandering muck of several different Facebook threads? Main & Lake has you covered with this sampling of comments from social media and our inbox.

Editor’s note: All comments are presented verbatim, including spelling and grammatical errors. Some comments may include profanity or other inappropriate language. Parental discretion is advised. 

Denise Cooper:

Oh lord.. kid was a block head  in school now in office.. so glad i dont live in town

Mark Griffith

a kid has zero business in counsel or a mayors position.   hell I think his mommy still does his laundry.

Rick Terry:

He says he is a conservative and I like conservatives because they are tough on immigration and follow the bible

Mike Snyder:

Fuck you Ethan Reynolds

Angie Morris:

God help New Carlisle

Suzy Gorby:

Wow I thought us as a community had to vote on this??

Renick Brown:

Nothing new here. Ethan has been running around town for weeks now bragging he will be the new mayor. Guess he knew how the vote would go.

Michelle Petrie:

suck it libtard snowflakes

Andy Grimm:

Ethan is the mayor lol

Kari Konechney Sineff:

Is this for real? Ethan Reynolds is the new Mayor?

Becky Strayer McKenzie:

He campaigned for the right people to be on council apparently. Now we have a vice mayor that thinks it’s okay to yell “don’t shoot” after a shooting incident in our town. Great job Cook and Cobb

Breanna Adkins:

This is just sad..

Greg Winters:

Thank GOD for Ethan Reynolds.  Finally this city will be saved from the democrap policies that put us all in the poor house to begin with.  Thank you GOD

Jennifer Keenan-Kennedy:

WOW…..These are the days of our lives right here folks. Such a shame that city council was turned into a joke with back stabbing and unethical bolgina

John Trainor:

I wish Paul would come in my yard…… I got a sig 9 that would just love to greet him at the door

Desi Smeal:

Ethan is a pompous windbag and now Mayor. Lord help this little town.

Rhonda Gorby:

God help New Carlisle! He’s a freak.

Ronnie Jobes:

I think he is a fruit loops is he going to run the town the same way he wears them God awful suits

Donnie Hall:

i stand for honor and respect

Kim Williamson-Robinson:

Why is Mike not counselor anymore

Todd Borchers:

lmao dam you guys need to get your head out of your ass..who cares is mayor unless he is going too legalize pot or make it where we have a tity bar in town where family $ is ha

3 thoughts on “New Carlisle Citizens React To: Ethan Reynolds Becoming Mayor

  1. Stories like this are just another example of why I hate politics.

    That being said, I’m a lucky guy. Mike Lowrey is my younger brother, and very few days go by that I’m not reminded of what an absolutely amazing man he’s grown up to be. He truely loves that little town, and his “Above, and Beyond” dedication to it is obvious to anyone paying any attention.

    He, and his awesome wife April have donated so much time, effort, and money to help make New Carlisle a better place, it makes me shake my head, and wonder how two people can have THAT amount of Civic Duty in them. They’re special people indeed.

    It’s not often that the older brother looks up to the younger one, Of course it’s not often that guys like Mike Lowrey come along. Mike, I’m so proud of you buddy. Keep up the great work!

    • What a fabulous testimonial Jade!
      I would like to thank you Mike and April for your tireless efforts. Your contributions and accalaids have not gone unnoticed. I’m sure you both made many forfeitures and sacrifices, both individually, and as husband and wife, that very few would attempt to conquer. Best wishes in your future endeavors .
      Jen Vaughn

  2. Ethan,
    Congratulations on your new appointment as Mayor!
    Please continue to exercise genuine kindness, compassion, integrity, loyalty, and trust to the citizens, City Council Members, shop owners, city workers, and neighbors, etc of New Carlisle. Continue to be transparent at all times and when possible, practice an open door policy for plausible ideas and opinions to benefit OUR community.
    As some of us know, it is best to give than receive. But we also know that some only give when they feel it’s only in their best interest because they themselves feel emense power, self gratification, and it is themselves, who THINK they actually gain/win, in the end. But we know, power does not mean you win. Honestly, as you know, our worth is surely not based on power, yet moreover, it is based on OUR character. Focus and be mindful and stay humble. Never sacrifice your character.
    Leaders must leave all past troubles or disagreements at the door. Everyday you work, will be a new battle to conquer. However, keep in mind, the battle you are fighting is to soley benefit the people of New Carlisle, and if done correctly, will truly prove your worthiness. Never abort your character or worth, for that of others. Stay true to yourself, and ” We ” will feel justified on the decision made, to put you IN power. If you can not be hoknest to yourself, the gguilt will always kill you inside.
    Once more, remember, WE really all are created equal.
    Also, an active political leader should also be a humanitarian. If one does not feel satisfied by their leader, and he/she does not bare witness to factual truth, then the choice he/she chose to govern, may be questioned. So, continue to gain
    ” OUR ” support and faith, by ensuring ” WE ” feel safe, healthy, free from undue harm, and overall happy, with the decisions and ideology that is presented to us.
    Continue to help this town in our pursuit of happiness. Thats really important. We are relying on you to govern accordingly, fairly, and consistently. We look forward to all the improvements and enhancements that you and your fellow City Council Members will bring forth to make New Carlisle a thriving community. To earn the trust of citizens, always give consistently. However, never promise ” US ” something bigger than you, or something you can not handle or provide. Always avoid empty promises.
    You must consistently have a solution when proposing a problem or issue at hand. If faced with a problem, never fail to seek a possible solution from your peers or those who have acknowledged an issue which requires immediate attention or resolution. Always be honest, loyal, and dignified, and we will defend you and support you. If you show us your worth and honesty, then you will always have faithful followers.
    If your proposals are fresh, sound, energizing, positive, and as economically beneficial, as I hope they will be, then I certainly can not wait to see your upcoming 2018 rollout and agenda for New Carlisle, and exactly how all your theories, plan for growth, are put into fruition. With a seamless transition, and with few bumps in the road, New Carlisle should be on the way to a very exciting and prosperous year. You have some very big shoes to fill, but I believe that with all the wisdom, expertise, and support, your youthfulness and background will be a vital thread to your success!
    My Best And Good Luck,
    Jen Vaughn

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