5 Possible Explanations for the New Carlisle Grain Bin Collapse

Late Sunday night a loud, bright explosion was reported all over the New Carlisle area and was followed by a brief power outage. Citizens discovered that the grain bin near Smith Park on Jefferson Street has exploded or collapsed, taking with it the grain store next door. Currently not much is known about the cause of the incident, but we have identified a few possible causes of the disaster.

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New Carlisle Citizens React To: Ethan Reynolds Becoming Mayor

After a contentious and heated council meeting on Tuesday, January 2, New Carlisle city councilman Ethan Reynolds was elected mayor of the city. William Lindsey was elected vice mayor, Jim Leathley (aka Nojuan U’dno on Facebook) resigned from council, and Mike Lowrey remains on council after serving the previous two years as mayor. New Carlisle News has the scoop and all the details here.

Would you like to know how this news is being received by YOU, the citizens of New Carlisle but don’t have hours to sift through the rambling, meandering muck of several different Facebook threads? Main & Lake has you covered with this sampling of comments from social media and our inbox.

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