VIDEO: Updated Full Bodycam Footage of Officer-Involved New Carlisle Shooting and Analysis

On Monday night, New Carlisle News reporter and photographer Andy Grimm was shot by Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Shaw. Grimm survived his injuries, and has stated that he does not wish for the deputy to lose his job. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has released bodycam footage, presented below, so you can judge for yourself.

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5 Possible Changes to New Carlisle’s Main Street Intersections

New Carlisle City Manager Randy Bridge told city council recently that the County Transportation Coordinating Committee would be conducting a traffic survey at two Main Street intersections in town, according to the New Carlisle News.

Bridge declined to expound on his plans for the intersections, but Main & Lake has some ideas about what could be in store for our busiest thoroughfare.

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New Carlisle Graffiti Bandits Strike Again, What Does it Mean?

Last fall, New Carlisle’s gorgeous bike trail was deluged with graffiti, which Main & Lake had decoded by a professional symbologist from the University of Cincinnati. Either the culprits are back at it, or we have a new group responsible for desecrating New Carlisle’s streets and landmarks.

With the New Carlisle graffiti bandits striking again, we once again reached out to a professor of symbology to provide some information as to the meaning of these paintings.

Editor’s note: The following article and photographs therein contain profanity that may not be suitable for children or sensitive adults.

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New Carlisle Beware: Pokemon Go Isn’t All Fun and Games

As I drive through the streets of my beloved city of New Carlisle, I notice something that’s long been missing. At first I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but for days straight I saw the same thing: people were out and about having fun and interacting with friends and family! This wasn’t the result of sunny weather or people wanting to boost their exercise regimen. It’s the latest and greatest technological sensation to hit our town: Pokemon Go.

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